Atelier Almario
ATELIER ALMARIO is the interior design studio headed by Ivy and Cynthia Almario. Both sisters lived and worked in Los Angeles California for fifteen years, where they honed their craft and talent for designing high-end residences, hotels, restaurants and offices. Since returning to Manila, they have successfully built a practice that has earned them the respect and loyalty of very satisfied clients.

Their work can be seen in some of Manila’s busiest and most successful bars, restaurants, and hotels. But it is the quality of their residential work that has catapulted them to the forefront of commercial design. As the visionaries, titans and captains of industries, happy with how their homes turned out, invited them to extend their design “alchemy” to their offices and various other projects and interests. So it is not unusual to find the sisters juggling the design for their work is evidenced in the resulting end product. An Atelier Almario project is always “IMPACTFUL”, the product of relentless pursuit for the best design solutions, delivered in a timely fashion at the right price.

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